• 7 Kubernetes security challenges, and how to steer the container ship

    Kubernetes Container Orchestration!…

    Now that we have your attention, let’s dig a little deeper into Kubernetes, an open-source orchestration layer that manages container-based applications.

    In this article we’ll explore some of the security challenges you’re going to face when administering Kubernetes clusters, and the appropriate preventative measures to batten down the Kubernetes hatches.

  • Why is practical AppSec training for developers vital for your organization?

    All applications risk being hacked without robust, properly configured application security controls in place. Whereas employing a team of ethical hackers may help in providing assurance on the resilience of the system post-deployment, having a secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) better equips organizations in addressing security concerns at the foundational level. Building security early in the SDLC is more cost efficient and scalable, enabling organizations to identify and correct security issues earlier in the development life cycle.