SecureFlag's contextual security training is now available on Github - security knowledge when it's needed most

How can developers write production-ready code that both performs optimally and securely?

If you are agonizing over this challenge, you are not alone. The balancing act between time, cost, security, and quality has chastised developers and DevOps teams since the term “DevOps” first emerged. Unfortunately, even with all the tools available, security has often been neglected to save time and money, only to cost more further down the line.

At SecureFlag, our mission is to close the gap between developers and security professionals, knowing full well how disruptive it is to be torn away from a time-sensitive task only to spend endless hours diving down security rabbit holes. Fascinating though they may be, if only more attention was paid to the dangerous coding patterns floating around at the time, then significant time and money could have been saved.

Now, it’s one thing for an organization to undergo comprehensive secure coding training comprised of an engaging platform and directly applicable content to upskill relevantly and sustainably (see our platform for details on this). However, it is unrealistic to expect every developer who touches a line of code to invest in this measure. It is this reality that brings us to our latest product.

SecureFlag Knowledge Base Github App

We have built the SecureFlag Knowledge Base Github App, which automatically provides security guidance, examples, and remediation techniques directly in the issue as a comment. The Github App does so by responding to issues and pull requests that mention security vulnerabilities, providing developers with relevant information - such as example scenarios, remediation techniques, and testing advice linked to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) and OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS).

Log analysis

The rationale behind this is that, for many, security is a transient consideration and, thus, is at the very least best considered as and when applicable.

And what better way to serve as many developers as possible with a targeted security insight than Github?!

Install for free the SecureFlag Knowledge Base Github App from the GitHub Marketplace.