Secure Coding Lab Recommendations Now Available for GitHub and Jira!

Expanding upon our GitHub and Jira integrations, which provide vulnerability remediation and testing advice directly in your issues and pull requests, we’re super excited to announce that they now also recommend relevant training labs in our live environments!

SecureFlag Knowledge Base for GitHub

SecureFlag Knowledge Base for Jira

Once an issue is created following the mention of a security vulnerability, SecureFlag’s Knowledge Base integrations automatically direct your developers towards relevant, 100% hands-on labs where they can hunt down and remediate vulnerabilities in the same languages and technologies that are in your codebase. This process ensures that your team is not only operating efficiently ‘in the moment’ via the contextually served remediation and testing info for a specific vulnerability but that they are also deepening secure coding proficiency in our live environment.

This on-demand, contextually pertinent learning format seamlessly integrates into security training programs by training developers with industry-standard knowledge that can be applied immediately and bolstered for the long haul.

You can find the GitHub app here and the Jira app here.

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