SecureFlag's contextual security training is now available for Azure Boards!

As the latest addition to our lineup of contextual training plugins, SecureFlag Knowledge Base for Azure Boards is out now! This plugin provides on-demand remediation techniques, recommended hands-on labs, testing advice, and example code to users of Azure Boards, a project management tool for software development teams. And it’s all for free!

When a user opens a SecureFlag page on a work item in Azure Boards, the plugin automatically searches the SecureFlag knowledge base for relevant information on how to remediate any vulnerabilities.

One of the benefits of this plugin is that it provides contextual training, meaning that the learning is directly relevant to the task at hand. This assistance can be particularly advantageous for developers who are already busy and may not have the time to search the internet for relevant resources.

The hands-on labs provided by the plugin are also in the same languages and technologies that developers use on a daily basis, making it easier to transfer this knowledge to their actual codebase.

How to Install

To install the SecureFlag Knowledge Base for Azure Boards plugin, users can visit the plugin page on the Visual Studio Marketplace and click “Get it free”. From there, users can select the organization on which to install the plugin and click “Install”. The plugin is available for free.

Get the SecureFlag Knowledge Base plugin for Azure Boards today.