Elevate and Federate: The Power of Teams in Training programs

SecureFlag stands out not just for its unique approach to hands-on training but also for its keen focus on teams dynamics. The essence of SecureFlag’s offering lies in how it leverages the power of teams, creating an environment of collaboration, competition, and effective management.

Let’s explore the standout features of Teams on SecureFlag.

The Power of Teams

1. Teams with Leaderboards & Nicknames

One of SecureFlag’s distinctive features is its ability to assemble users in teams and accompany this organizational structure with engaging leaderboards. Leaderboards can be leveraged to foster a sense of healthy competition, motivating individuals to perform their best.

Recognizing the importance of privacy, SecureFlag also provides an option to use auto-generated nicknames instead of actual usernames. In environments where there is a noticeable variance in the seniority level of participants, using nicknames can level the playing field. More junior personnel can actively participate and compete without the apprehension of their results being made public.

2. The Power of Team Managers

Within the SecureFlag ecosystem, Team Managers can actively manage teams, assign training modules, and review results.

Team managers can even create a Tournament for the team(s) they manage. This structured approach ensures that each participant gets the maximum value from their training experience.

3. Federating the Program Through Team Managers

Team Managers on SecureFlag play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Program Managers and participants. They act as connectors, ensuring that communication flows seamlessly. Their involvement aids Program Managers in reaching out to participants more effectively, ensuring the timely completion of activities.

Furthermore, Team Managers are instrumental in creating buzz and enthusiasm for special events, such as Tournaments and SecureFlag’s unique and much sought-after Secure Coding Month competitions. Their direct connection with participants ensures that these events see maximum participation and engagement.

4. The Proof is in the Numbers

Teams with Team Managers at the helm show remarkable results. A whopping 78% on-time completion rate of assigned training activities is witnessed in these teams. This is in stark contrast to the 41% completion rate of teams without managers.

The statistics underline the undeniable impact and significance of effective team management over the duration of a program on the SecureFlag platform.

5. Free Administrative Licenses

SecureFlag demonstrates its understanding of diverse user roles by offering free administrative licenses. This means that users who are strictly in administrative roles and don’t require training aren’t burdened with unnecessary costs. In this way, you can onboard as many Team Managers as you need.

6. Engagement Beyond Training

To ensure constant engagement and updates, SecureFlag’s Customer Success Managers organize regular meetings with the Team Manager community. These meetings aren’t just informative sessions showcasing new content and features. They are also platforms to recognize and applaud the contributions of distinguished participants.

7. Badges of Honor

At SecureFlag, recognition isn’t a mere formality. We have meticulously designed recognition badges to honor the efforts of distinguished Team Managers. These badges serve as symbols of dedication, expertise, and leadership, solidifying the manager’s standing within the community.

It’s important to note that even with a robust, hands-on and highly engaging platform at your disposal, the manner in which it is deployed and managed plays a crucial role in its ongoing success, and in this way, SecureFlag’s emphasis on teams, backed by innovative features and a clear understanding of user needs, sets it apart in the world of Secure Coding Training platform.