SecureFlag's New Azure Security Training Labs

Since its emergence onto the scene in 2020, SecureFlag has quickly established itself as a pioneer in security training by providing highly effective - real - development environments for practitioners to practice secure coding in a sustainable manner to great effect. The structure of the platform allows for the creation of new labs, in new languages and infrastructure, at a regular cadence - all built to provide the same completely real training experience.

And now, as we head into the final quarter of 2023, the team is incredibly excited to once again make an indelible impact on training norms with the launch of a complete line of Azure security training labs for Cloud Engineers! As with all other Labs on the platform, SecureFlag’s Azure Labs are designed to instill a security-first approach, teaching participants how to build secure infrastructure from the ground up.

SecureFlag's Azure New Security Training Labs

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has emerged as a beacon in managing cloud infrastructure, offering a streamlined approach to deploying and managing complex environments. However, it also introduces a new dimension of security concerns. Misconfigurations, inadequate access controls, and overlooked security best practices can turn your IaC into a porous security nightmare.

Ensuring security in IaC not only safeguards your infrastructure from potential threats but also fosters a culture of security where best practices are not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of infrastructure development.

Why Hands-On - i.e., Real Environment! - Training is a Game-Changer

Up until now, hands-on training in real Cloud environments has been very limited and, when available, unscalable. Well, not anymore!

SecureFlag’s Azure security training labs come as a breath of fresh air, offering cloud engineers a practical approach to understanding and mitigating security issues in IaC templates. Following the success of SecureFlag’s AWS labs released earlier in March, the brand new Azure labs are set to redefine how engineers approach security in cloud environments.

New Azure Training Labs

Learning to Identify and Remediate Security Issues

One of the standout features of SecureFlag’s training labs is the focus on identifying security issues in Infrastructure-as-code templates and learning how to remediate them hands-on. This approach ensures that engineers are not just theoretically proficient but are also capable of handling real-world scenarios effectively.

SecureFlag goes a step further by providing participants with Azure accounts to deploy, audit and remediate a vulnerable infrastructure. This not only offers a practical learning experience but also ensures that engineers can experiment and learn in a safe and isolated environment.

By focusing on the practical aspects of security, SecureFlag ensures that engineers learn to build secure systems from the ground up. The training focuses on a wide range of scenarios and security best practices, offering insights into creating robust and secure infrastructure.

Benefits of SecureFlag’s Azure Security Training Labs

  • Real-World Experience: Engineers get to work with real Azure environments, gaining hands-on experience that is far superior to theoretical learning.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Participants are provided with real Azure accounts, removing the barrier of resource allocation and facilitating a smooth learning process.
  • Skill Enhancement: The training enhances the real applied skill set of the participants, making them valuable assets in the overall organization’s cyber security strategy.

Improving your Azure implementations from the ground up? SecureFlag has you covered

SecureFlag’s Azure security training labs are set to revolutionize hands-on security training for cloud engineers. By offering a practical approach to learning with real Azure accounts, SecureFlag is ensuring that engineers are well-equipped to identify and remediate security issues in Infrastructure-as-Code templates.

SecureFlag’s new Azure labs are not just part of a training program; they represent a step towards building more secure and robust cloud infrastructures.

For more insights and to be a part of this unique and provably impactful training program, enquire with your Customer Success Manager.