SecureFlag Training Now Integrated with Dracon for Streamlined DevOps Security Practices

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, it’s crucial for organizations to implement and maintain secure DevOps practices. Dracon, a versatile tool that simplifies the task of building security pipelines, has taken a leap towards enriching its capabilities by incorporating SecureFlag training into its platform.

This integration heralds a new era in DevOps security, facilitating a seamless, no-code approach to addressing vulnerability findings.

Enriching DevOps Security with Dracon

Dracon is a pioneering solution designed to help organizations secure their DevOps practices with no coding required. It provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for building security pipelines.

But Dracon’s value proposition extends beyond this since it integrates seamlessly with any existing or new solutions that an organization needs, aggregating tools and findings in one user-friendly platform.

Dracon Integration with SecureFlag

Leveraging SecureFlag Training for Enhanced, Practicable Understanding

The integration of SecureFlag training takes Dracon’s capabilities to a new level. Once Dracon completes its vulnerability scans, SecureFlag steps in to provide a comprehensive understanding of the identified vulnerabilities.

SecureFlag’s role doesn’t stop at just highlighting the issues—it provides a clear path to remediation. For every vulnerability detail, SecureFlag generates a link to a training resource designed specifically for developers.

It provides them with step-by-step guidance on how to address the specific security issue at hand, streamlining the vulnerability remediation process significantly. Moreover, developers can commence a hands-on lab to practice their skills before diving into the actual remediation work.

Dracon SecureFlag Integration Example

Hands-On Labs: A Powerful Learning Tool

The integration of SecureFlag’s hands-on labs distinguishes Dracon as a powerful learning tool for developers, given such labs offer a complete virtualized desktop computer with a real development environment specific to the programming language involved.

SecureFlag labs are spun up in seconds, accessible from the web browser, and comprise the same tools participants use in their day-to-day. The goal is to maximize retention and facilitate a deep understanding of how to navigate and remediate the security vulnerabilities that arise.

Each lab is structured to make the learning process as practical, relevant, and engaging as possible. Labs are modelled against real-world scenarios that a developer might encounter, making them an invaluable resource for preparing your development team to tackle security issues head-on.

SecureFlag Lab

Towards a More Secure Future

Dracon is the first Security Orchestration Enrichment and Correlation Platform (ASOC) to utilize the newly released SecureFlag Open API, a testament to Dracon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

The Open API, released a few weeks ago, opened up a new universe of possibilities for security platforms to enhance their services. By leveraging this API, Dracon enriches its platform with an unparalleled depth of security training resources, equipping development teams with the knowledge they need to efficiently handle security vulnerabilities.

The integration provides an all-in-one platform for vulnerability scans, remediation guidance, and in-depth, hands-on training. It champions a new paradigm in DevOps security, where developers can mitigate threats more effectively, and organizations can feel confident in the security of their operations.

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