Empowering Application Security Management: Kondukto and SecureFlag Integration

SecureFlag is exceptionally proud to announce a major integration with Kondukto, a leading application security management platform!

The manner in which companies build and manage their security programs has changed substantially over the last few years. New technologies and methodologies created to enhance robustness, feedback, and processes are becoming increasingly mature, particularly with regard to how a particular tool can complement another when both share the same overarching goal. It is this shared vision of an empowered and adequately informed application security management function that has led to this exciting Kondukto/SecureFlag integration.

SecureFlag and Kondukto Integration Overview

Known for its powerful orchestration, automation, and vulnerability management capabilities, Kondukto is a leading ASOC Platform which is highly rated by Gartner Peer Reviews. Businesses, from fast-growing startups to multinational enterprises, are leveraging it to accelerate their application security programs in the cloud and on-prem.

Kondukto has over 70 integrations with both commercial and open-source security testing tools, with the aggregated vulnerability data displayed in a single view, enabling businesses to create comprehensive security metrics and track the overall security posture at various levels within an organization. And now, the recent integration with SecureFlag takes Kondukto’s capabilities a step further!

SecureFlag’s unique training approach enriches Kondukto’s scan results with contextual information, offering developers a clear understanding of the identified vulnerabilities by streamlining and augmenting the vulnerability remediation process.

Once a specific vulnerability has been identified, SecureFlag will generate a link to a training resource for the developer’s reference. Moreover, SecureFlag will then guide the developer through the remediation process via a hands-on training lab catering to that very type of vulnerability - in the relevant programming language - to ensure the correctness of the fix before it hits production.

SecureFlag Issue Body

SecureFlag’s hands-on labs are a cornerstone of its training approach. Each lab comprises a complete virtualized desktop computer with a real development environment tailored to the specific programming language. The labs are spun up in seconds, offering a highly engaging training experience designed to maximize retention. This hands-on, immersive learning experience equips developers with the skills they need to handle security issues correctly in real-time.

The integration of Kondukto and SecureFlag is a game-changer for application security management. It combines Kondukto’s powerful orchestration, automation, and vulnerability management capabilities with SecureFlag’s innovative, hands-on training. Together, they empower businesses to build and manage scalable, sustainable security programs that can meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape.

The SecureFlag integration is available to Kondukto’s global customer base who can request a live demo using the Kondukto Demo Hub.